Emergency Pump Repair Well #1

Status: Complete

Project: Emergency pump replacement Water Well #1

Description: Unscheduled replacement of pump in water well #1 after a premature failure (approxamately 1/2 of programmed life span)

Project Budget: $188,149

Funding Source: Balance of funds remaing from Certificate of Obligation 2022, secured by ad valorem property tax and sales tax. Supplement funds available in Restricted Water Infrastructure Account if needed. 


January 12, 2024

Good afternoon, 
The following information about the water wells was presented during the regular monthly City Council Meeting last night.
Well #1 is fully in service and pumping to town. The repair was completed in two days and the well was pumping on Saturday night, but final approval of the test samples was not received until Wednesday afternoon. A preliminary look at the faulty pump showed that several of the pumping discs in the middle of the string had faulty bearings, and the shaft passageway had eroded from approximately one inch to nearly baseball size. This causes the water to lose pressure and recirculate vs pumping up out of the well. This pump had been in place since 2019 and they typically have a lifespan of 10-12 years, however the industry standard warranty is only one year. 
The drilling is complete on Well #4. They continue to flush the casing as they remove the drilling equipment from the site. Now the actual development of the well begins, where different equipment comes in to evaluate available gallons per minute and other aspects of the water production. Once those are approved by the engineering firm, the wellhead will be installed and the site work such as electrical service, roadway, and fencing will be finished out. Since it is a new water source, the final TCEQ quality sampling will be more stringent than what was required to test the new pump on #1 (preliminary testing to verify this as a source has already occurred). Even though the Stage 5 restrictions were lifted Thursday morning, we do remain on the less stringent Stage 3 restrictions until this well comes on line. 
Not discussed last night, but being researched are the replacement steps for Well #3, such as location, design criteria, and funding.

January 10, 2024

Water well #1 received clearance from TCEQ and is back in service.
We will pump the well throughout the night refilling all water storage, then tomorrow morning the Stage 5 restriction will be lifted and we will return to the Stage 3 that we have been operating under previously. Be on the lookout for an update on that and the construction status of Well #4 later tomorrow.

January 6, 2024

Here’s a quick update on Well #1. Crews worked all day on Friday to pull the weakened pump and got it out late yesterday evening. They returned to the site early today to begin the installation of the replacement, getting everything installed and operational. They wrapped up and left after dark this evening with the system flushing. The flow is looking really good, and the system will flush for several hours before samples are taken to be sent to the lab. 
At this point, we are in the hands of regulatory agencies to give the ok to re-connect the well to the public water supply, which is expected by mid-week. 
The bid for this repair was in the neighborhood of $188,000. This is a maintenance issue that was last performed on this particular well in 2019 and typically only needs to be addressed every 10-12 years. Crews will take a look at the replaced pump to look for indications why it prematurely failed. 
The well is producing but will not be reconnected to the water supply until final approval from TCEQ, so the Stage 5 restrictions remain in place.