Water Well #4

Status: In Progress

Project: Replace water well #4

Description: Drill a new water well for municipal water supply to replace an aging well taken out of service for casing failure.

Project Budget: $1,600,000

Funding Source: Certificate of Obligation, secured through ad valorem property tax and sales tax, with a $150,000 commitment from the Van Economic Development Coorporation. 


January 12, 2024

The drilling is complete on Well #4. They continue to flush the casing as they remove the drilling equipment from the site. Now the actual development of the well begins, where different equipment comes in to evaluate available gallons per minute and other aspects of the water production. Once those are approved by the engineering firm, the wellhead will be installed and the site work such as electrical service, roadway, and fencing will be finished out. Since it is a new water source, the final TCEQ quality sampling will be more stringent than what was required to test the new pump on #1 (preliminary testing to verify this as a source has already occurred). Even though the Stage 5 restrictions were lifted Thursday morning, we do remain on the less stringent Stage 3 restrictions until this well comes on line. 

November 10, 2023

Water Well #4 – They have identified that the well site has a 200’ thick layer of “water sand” to pump from. The test well met the gallonage expectations, and we expect the drilling to resume right after Thanksgiving and it will run 24/7 until the final 22” bore is complete. Then the casings will go in and the downhole work will finish up. 

October 27, 2023

Water well #4: The drilling contractor has finished the sampling of both test zones. The samples have gone out, and once the water has been analyzed the engineers will determine which zone to use for the final bore. This may take several weeks, but once the final drilling begins, it will be around the clock until finished. 

October 16, 2023

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October 7, 2023

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