Medical and Security Information

In Case of emergency, notify 911 


Emergency Medical Services are provided to the area by Christus EMS, supported by Christus Flight for Life Medical helicopters. There is a Christus 24 hour Urgent Care/ER in Canton (18780 Interstate 20, Canton, TX 75103) and Lindale (3203 S. Main ST, Lindale, TX 75771), as well as Total Point Urgent Care in Lindale 7a-7p (3405 S. Main, Lindale, TX 75771). 

Tyler is home to UT Health ER, a Level I trauma Center and Christus Hospital, a Level II ER. 


Van staffs a full time Police Department with experienced officers, tactical medical care, and K9 patrol supplemented by the Van Zandt County Sheriff's Department, Van Zandt County Constables, and Texas DPS. 


The City of Van utilizes a series of five outdoor warning sirens to alert you of approaching severe weather. If these sirens sound, it signals the need for those outdoors to seek immediate shelter. Examples of approaching danger are tornadoes, life thretening cloud to ground lightning, life threatening size hail, or a chemical release requireing shelter in place.