Proposed Zoning Ordinance Information

The City has contracted with Bureau Veritas to create an updated zoning ordinance and map. Zoning affects many aspects of construction and growth in the City, from the layout of roads to the setback and design of homes and businesses. Zoning regulations help a city to grow in a controlled manner while protecting property values and resident's safety. 

The current regulations were enacted in July if 1973 and have served the city for nearly half of a century, however over time there have been changes in construction methods, land use, State regulations, engineering, and city limits. There are items common today that did not exist in 1973, such as cell phone towers, wireless internet towers, portable carports, certian home based occupations, and fencing and building materials just to name a few. 

The attached proposed ordinance is a draft document. Some parts of it re-state regulations that have already been in place for 50 years and some items are revisions of ordinances found elsewhere in the Local Code of Ordinances and may be removed from this Zoning document and addressed elsewhere. For example, parking is already addressed within the current local code of ordinances in  Chapter 32, Article VI (See the current parking rules HERE) and fencing in Chapter 6, Article V (See the current fencing rules HERE)

Once adopted by the Council, very few of these regulations will be retroactove to existing properties. Some sections, such as parking (if included), regulations involving fencing around swimming pools (State law), and other pertinant safety rules may be applied, but building rules and construction will typically only apply to new construction and properties that go through a significant remodel or change of use. Those changes are  addressed in the International Building Code, International Fire Code, Residential Building Code, and International Property Maintenance Code, all of which are already in effect here in the CIty. 

Take time to review the attached documents and envision what you would like to see in your neighborhoods, and what you would not like to see. The intent of these regulations is to preseve your investment in your home and community and plan for the installation of infrastructure to suport controlled growth. 

Upcoming public forums for comment:

February 8, 2024, 6 PM at Van City Hall, 310 Chestnut, Van, TX 75790


Additional Meetings- TBD

Submit your comments via email to, or try our experimental Community Voice forum HERE.

SMALLMAPYou can see the proposed ordinance by clicking the link below, and if you like, compare it to the current zoning regulations. The hearings will be your opportunity to voice your input into this process prior to enactment by the City Council. You can see a map showing the zones that will be in effect based on the current property types by clicking HERE or click the image of the map on the right. 

Click HERE to see the current zoning regulations

Click HERE to see the proposed zoning regulations that will be voted on to replace those currently in effect