Alerts & Notifications

Emergency Alerts

As an extension of its  website, The City of Van has launched a new emergency alert and community notification system for its residents: CivicReady.

CivicReady is a communication service available to our residents to receive emergency alerts and community notifications via text, call, and / or email. 

Examples of alerts and notifications include:

  • Weather warnings: Tornado, Flash Flooding, Severe Storms, Winter Weather, etc.
  • Public Safety Alerts
  • Other Emergency Alerts

General Notifications

Stay up-to-date with general news and information from the City of Van by subscribing to Notify Me email notifications. By signing up, you can receive automatic notifications directly to your Inbox for:

  • City Council agendas
  • General City News

Personalize and subscribe to these notifications today!

CivicReady Signup Instructions

Residents have the ability to customize their notification preferences by creating an account using the signup form below. CivicReady weather alerts come directly from the National Weather Service and can be received through text, email, and/or a phone call based on your messaging preferences. Be sure to select each individual weather category you wish to receive. There is not one catch-all alert category.

In addition to weather warnings, the City may contact you through CivicReady in the event of a localized emergency based on your subscription preferences. When signing up, it is very important you include your physical address so that you receive alerts tailored to your location. View the signup form to see recent messages sent and available groups for you to join. Signup today to stay informed!